Vishesh Kalimero

Contemplative World Music


Experimenting and evolving our ethnic music traditions, seems essential to me, it is a way for us to listen to our land. Popular music has created a certain sound that should be ‘ideally’ likable, the world with colonisation, globalisation, is moving towards a monoculture.

The central theme in this music is making a bridge between ‘musical’ and ‘non-musical’ sounds. After a little listening the nonmusical sounds begin to have an unexpected meaning and sometimes even the whole experience becomes somatic, we begin to listen with our whole body. Maybe there is no ‘one right way’ to listen music. We are always looking for that ‘one right way’ in music or in life.. 


Instead of breaking traditions or evolving them, rather looking at them from a different perspective so they can have more relevance in the current environment.  

Music is not a man made luxury, it is a part of our natural order, our daily existence, our cultural heritage…There are melodies that have been sung 3000 years ago that are still being sung, music can touch those places in us that no words in any language can.

Vishesh Kalimero plays a diverse range of ethnic string instruments and voice techniques from all around Asia, since the last 15 years. In most cases, contemporary artists tend to use electronics but Vishesh has tried to keep it as organic as possible and instead modifies the instruments.