Vishesh Kalimero

Free Form Ethnic Explorations

Musica Medicina

Musica Medicina was co-founded by Vishesh Kalimero and Rahul Jigyasu in 2015. They had been playing together in various projects since 2008 and after Vishesh returned from a trip from Guatemala and Rahul from Indonesia, they decided that Musica Medicina would be a great name to represent their sound. Their interaction with nature has played a major role in their musical and personal journeys and that connection is what they want to share with their listeners.

It is said, that long ago, when the lands of the earth began to split, so did its knowledge.

Each tribe took a part of the great teaching and went into a direction, they specialized in that one aspect and understood all its subtleties.

So, the 7 tribes went into 7 directions, one day to meet again and share the wisdom of our ancestors. 

Musica Medicina tells the tale of their travels through Concerts, Workshops, Sound Ceremonies, Film Scores and Retreats

Musica Medicina

The project is led by Vishesh Kalimero and Rahul Jigyasu, two good-looking guys from India.