The duo has been playing music together for over 15 years, learning traditional music and then experimenting with it. They love travelling, cooking, hiking, trying new instruments & collaborating with like minded artists regardless their medium.

Vishesh Kalimero.

Vishesh Kalimero is a musician and workshop leader from Delhi, India.

He has travelled extensively in Asia and Europe collecting sounds, instruments, performing concerts and facilitating workshops at music festivals, culture centres, art houses and meditation centres,

His vision lies in pushing and inspiring all to connect with their intuitive expression and thus create and find their sound, to discover the magic that music can bestow.

He plays several traditional string instruments from Asia and is interested in how the ecosystem shapes the sound of a region. How our environment inspires us musically. In that way he journeys through time, landscapes, philosophies learning and experimenting with music.

Rahul JIgyasu.

Rahul Jigyasu is a musician, instrument maker, and leads workshops for kids as well as professional musicians.

He has the heart of a contemporary musician with roots deep into tradition. He studied Tabla under Shri Govind Chakrobarty and continues to study Pakhawaj under Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma. He is currently based in Indonesia doing his Masters in Music Education.

Except studying Indian Classical and Indonesian Music, Rahul has experimented with various world percussions and flutes as well.

He has been part of several music projects with musicians from diverse backgrounds but feels closest with Musica Medicina

He is also the founder of the project bamboo mystics.

What people say…
“When they play, my eyes shut,
the world disappears and I’m gone.

Far, far away. Into my own divinity.”

– Priyal El Sol

“This mesmerizing music transported us to another century. A delightful evening.”

Simerdeep Nakai Grewal

“Have just come home from a beautiful and magic concert with Musica Medicina in Bergen, Norway!

It was just divine! Music from the heart!”

Francilene Norland

“Attended a concert today at IIC. Loved the music. Deep, rich, haunting… ”

– Shantala Palat

“Mesmerized by the mellifluous haunting melodies presented by Musica Medicina at India Habitat Center today! And it was a delight to know more about the various instruments from the world over from Vishesh and Rahul, post the concert. ”

Meenu Suri